Another melody for flute

This isn’t technically one of the required exercises, but I have been enjoying experimenting with melody writing at the piano and seeing what they sound like when played back by woodwind instruments through Sibelius, so have written another one for flute:

Project 7-10

Project 7 -Chromatic scale

Here is a short melody for oboe using the chromatic scale.  I found it quite liberating to be able to take the melody wherever I wanted, without needing a particular tonal centre.  I think the tone of the oboe is quite suited to this style of music, although I wasn’t quite satisfied with the Sibelius rendition as it is too mechanical and lacking in any subtle phrasing or rubato which is needed in this kind of piece.

Project 7-9

Project 7 – Nine note scales

I have never heard of a ‘9-note scale’ before, and wasn’t able to find many references to them on the internet either.  The first one in the course notes contains both the ascending and descending notes of the melodic minor scale (if you take the variety with the flattened third), so I chose to write a slightly brooding waltz melody for the saxophone.

Project 7-7

The second variety of the scale has a flattened second and fifth which make it sound rather eerie.

Project 7-8

Project 7 – Middle Eastern 8 note scales

Here are two short melodies using two slightly different Middle Eastern 8-note scales.  I found this first scale quite tricky to compose a melody in – I think partly this is because it lacks the dominant note which usually plays an important role in music.  It also contains four semitone intervals which give it a particularly creepy feel.

Project 7-5

Project 7-6

Project 7 – East European scales

These next short melodies use the major and minor versions of the East European scales. These scales have a strong similarity with the Western harmonic minor scale; the minor version is identical except for a sharpened fourth, and the major has a very characteristic flattened second and major third.

For the first one I wanted to capture the feeling of an Eastern dance:

Project 7-3

In the minor scale I wanted to emphasise the eerie feeling conveyed by the augmented fourth:

Project 7-4