Composition for percussion ensemble

For my second composition for several percussion instruments, I wanted to try something a little more dramatic.  For the first time I am using the bass drum and cymbal, both of which lend themselves to this effect.  I have also now installed the full sound library for Sibelius, so have been able to make use of the range of sounds for each instrument, e.g. the distinctive accent on the bass drum and the tambourine being shaken as well as hit.

This is still only a fairly short composition (20 bars): the main idea is played out over four bars, repeated with a minor variation, then four bars of ‘bridge’ followed by the main idea again and a closing section.

project3-2 – Full Score


Project 3

Still on the theme of percussion and rhythm, project 3 asks us to write two pieces for three or more instruments.  For this first example I have chosen five: the shaker, bongos and wood block are each given their own mini motif, the tambourine is used to add texture towards the climax and the triangle is also given a small part.  The instruments introduce their parts one by one, all play together for a short time and then fade out until the end – reminiscent of a passing street band perhaps?

project3-1 – Full Score