Antonio Salieri

Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello and Oboe

City of Verona Orchestra | Enrico de Mori | Chacra Classics 2014

The beginning of the first movement of this concerto sounds very Mozartian / Classical in style – elegant, balanced melodies, later with an accompaniment of repeated detached quavers.  About half way through the texture becomes more contrapuntal and reminds me a lot of Bach’s concertos.  The second cantabile movement takes advantage of the oboe’s expressive capabilities and is very lyrical in style – melodies are passed around the instruments and played simultaneously in thirds.  The final movement is a theme and variations, introduced first by the entire orchestra.  Again it has a very well balanced feel, based on pairs of phrases with the same rhythm, often ending either on the dominant or the tonic.

Operatic Overtures

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra | Michael Dittrich | Naxos 2000

This recording comprises a series of orchestral overtures from Salieri’s operas. Harmonically they seem quite simple, revolving mostly around the dominant and tonic. Some of them are quite dramatic, reflecting their role as operatic introductions. Cesare in Farmacus for example is announced by a timpani roll and has very sudden contrasts in dynamics.  They generally contain a lot of repetition, sometimes the same two-bar phrase being repeated four times in a row, or modified slightly to allow for some harmonic variation.  This style of music is very predictable, I find when I am listening to it carefully I can often guess what the next phrase is going to be!


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