This bizarre work written by Cathy Berberian in 1966 features all kinds of vocal effects including singing, speaking, sneezing, whispering and animal noises.  There is a recording on YouTube where you can follow along with the score here.

The graphic score consists of symbols and drawings on three staff lines, where the vertical placement is a rough indication of the pitch (particularly where the sound is intended to slide up or down).  Many of the drawings are comic-like cartoons, e.g. of a bee buzzing.  Like many of the other pieces from this section of the course, I can’t identify any kind of melody, rhythm or harmony to make it satisfy my definition of music.  Each time I come across a piece like that I reevaluate my definition and question whether it feels like music.  This particular piece is quite humorous (a light relief from Stockhausen!), but definitely not musical to my ears.


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