Assignment 5 – Revision and Reflection

The focus of my tutor’s feedback for this final assignment seems to be on providing clear and unambiguous directions to the performers on how it should be played.  Aside from one notational correction (using a dotted semibreve to fill a bar rather than two tied dotted minims), his suggestions were mostly related to phrasing, particularly to assist the interpretation of piano pedalling.  I had already started to use multiple voices in the piano part, but his suggestions of additional places to use this technique were very helpful and I have taken them on board in my revised score.  On the same theme, I also modified a few places with rests to become longer notes so that it is consistent with the intended pedalling.  Finally, I also followed his suggestion to notate the double flats enharmonically for ease of reading – I had been unwittingly editing the saxophone parts in the non transposed versions and so had not noticed these.

With regards to the final decrescendo that he spotted was missing on the tenor saxophone part – in the end I decided to remove this as I don’t think a complete fade out to nothing (‘al niente’) is quite right for this piece.

I was also glad to see that by the end of this first module, my efforts to improve my score presentation had finally been successful!


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