Mway: Little Sparrow

This is VERY minimalist in style.  It’s entirely instrumental, and fairly rhythm focused at that with not much in the way of melody or harmony other than a single note bass line and what sounds like tuned wood blocks.  The bass line plays a steady rhythm on the weak beats, and the wood blocks play a repeated descending line.  There is very little development through the piece and it goes on this way for nearly six minutes.

Surgeon: Search

This track is from an album released this year, 2016.  Like the previous one, this is also instrumental and rhythm focused (as I think most techno music is), but this one has somewhat more development and variety.  It’s quite fast paced, and again there is not much in the way of melody or harmony but just enough to give away the minor key. I expected it to build up to some sort of climax but this didn’t happen, and it simply faded out at the end.  I think this works with the idea of continuous dance music, where the DJ seamlessly mixes from one track to the next.

Joey Beltram: Energy Flash

Again, this track has very similar characteristics to the previous two.  This one does have some lyrics however – the repeated word ‘ecstasy’, but spoken rather than sung.   It also uses a few more electronic effects and has a continuous driving drum track.  It was listed as one of the 10 best techno tracks on a website article I found but I’m afraid I’ve failed to find anything particularly inspiring in it.


The ‘techno’ genre is minimalist, fast paced electronic dance music – very repetitive rhythms and instrumental lines.  I already had a rough idea of what this type of music sounded like but had never listened to anything in full.  I was hopeful that I might find something innovative and interesting in it, but at least with the sample of tracks I’ve listened to that hasn’t been the case!


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