Assignment 2 – Revision and Reflection

I was pleased with my feedback for this assignment; my tutor commented that it was well planned, and that I had used imaginative motifs.  He also felt that I had applied my chosen scale to the instrument appropriately, which was good to hear as this was the first time I have written a piece for a woodwind instrument.  On his advice I have inserted a few breath marks to make the phrasing clearer.  I also decided to add some staccato markings in bars 15 and 16 to make a bigger contrast with the slurred quavers.

One aspect I had commented on in my initial reflection was my use of accidentals.  My tutor gave me some useful thoughts on this subject, but was happy that I had justified my own choice well enough and so I will leave this unchanged.

Following his feedback I have revised the score slightly to improve its presentation, for example properly lining up dynamic marks etc.  There was also one notational correction – in the main theme (e.g. bar 1) I intentionally used a tie instead of a crotchet in my original score as this note is held across the beat and I was trying to ensure the beats are clearly indicated.  However my tutor pointed out that in this time signature (5/4), the beats are divided into a group of 3 and a group of 2, and so it is not necessary to indicate all 5 crotchet beats.  It certainly looks cleaner this way so I have rectified this in the revised score.

The final changes I made were to the transitions between sections.  At the end of bar 20, I did intend there to be a short break after the pause so this has now been made explicit with a caesura in the score.  I also added a new pause and caesura in bar 26: I want the Bb trill and crescendo to leap unbroken into the next bar, and on reflection I agree with my tutor’s suggestion that the moment’s silence beforehand creates a more effective climax.  The modified track can be played below.


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